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Nicotine Shot 10ml

Nicotine Shot 10ml

  • £2.00

10ml Nicotine Shot / 18mg / VG Based

This 10ml Nicotine Shot is compatible with Nom Nomz, The Next Big Thing, Lolly Vape co & Fantasi E-Liquids. 

1. Take your 10ml Nicotine Shot

2. Squeeze it all into your E-Liquid Bottle

3. Shake vigorously

4. Enjoy! 

Please note;

Nom Nomz: Requires one Nicotine Shot, Will give E-Liquid 3mg strength. 

The Next Big Thing: Requires 2 Nicotine Shots, Will give 3mg strength.

Lolly Vape Co: Requires 2 Nicotine Shots, Will give 3mg strength.

Fantasi: Requires 1 Nicotine Shot, Will give 3mg strength. 

Please take care when handling nicotine based products and dispose of empty containers safely.