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Nicofresh 510 Batteries Paddy Puff Electronic Cigarettes

Nicofresh 510 Batteries

  • £6.00

The Nicofresh 510 Rechargeable Battery supplies power to all your 510 Electronic Cigarettes.

The 510 Battery by Paddy Puff Electronic Cigarettes has a capacity of 180 mAh and has a length of 63mm. After a 12 Hour booster charge, each supplementary charge will take 2 hours.

Each 510 Battery are plastic coated with a flat tip and come in a white colour. The 510 Battery life is more than 300 charge cycles.

With Paddy Puff Electronic Cigarettes, you can receive this battery in different Pack sizes:

  • 1 x 510 Battery
  • 2 x 510 Batteries
  • 3 x 510 Batteries
  • 5 x 510 Batteries
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