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Innokin Proton Mod

  • £55.00

Innokin is most famous for their smaller internal battery mods. But their newest mod called the Proton is a dual 18650 mod listed at 235 watts. It has a big color screen, a joystick control with a firing bar and a compact form factor, especially for a dual-battery device.

The Innokin Proton mod has a symmetrical design with a fire bar on one side, and a front-facing screen.

The Innokin Proton is packed to the brim with features. Pretty much everything you would expect from a good modern day mod. Wattage mode, TC for SS316L, Ti, and Ni200 as well as TCR mode and a bypass mode. It also features a wattage curve mode with twelve increments (0.5-second increments for a total of six seconds) and four memories for the curves. There really isn’t anything missing from this mod in terms of functionality.

Using the menu, you can:

  • Set the vape cut-off time between 3 to 18 seconds (default is 12)
  • Adjust the dim time, timeout, and brightness of the screen
  • Change from Celsius to Fahrenheit in temp mode
  • Change the screen text color (blue, pink, red, white, purple, green)
  • Check or reset your puff count
  • Check and update your current firmware version