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TPD Info


TPD is the Tobacco Products Directive and came into law on the 20th May 2016. However transitional periods were set to allow the vaping industry to get prepared. The TPD introduced new regulations on e-liquids, disposables, cartridges and tanks. There have also been additional regulations on advertising/sponsorships, cross border sales and labelling.





  • Limited to 10ml bottles.
  • The maximum strength of nicotine in e-liquids is 20mg/ml.
  • E-liquid containers must be child-resistant and tamper proof.
  • E-liquids must be accompanied by a leaflet or peel and reveal label which contains addition information about the product.
  • Liquids must be tested and testing data must be submitted to the MHRA / HSE 
  • 0mg e-liquid is not subject to TPD.


Disposables, Cartridges, Clearomizers and Tanks

  • Limited to 2ml.
  • Must not contain nicotine over 20mg/ml.
  • Must be protected against breakage and leakage.
  • Must be able to be refilled without leakage (unless it is a disposable).
  • Must be child-resistant and tamper proof.
  • Must provide nicotine in consistent doses.




20th May 2016

20th November 2016- 20thMay 2016


20th May 2017

  • TPD came into law.
  • Advertising e-cigarettes and re-fill containers on TV, radio, certain printed publications and through information society services (i.e. internet advertising and commercial e-mail) became illegal.
  • Certain sponsorships and product placement of electronic cigarettes also became illegal.
  • Non compliant stock can still be manufactured, sold and purchased.
  • Notification portal becomes live for producers of e-cigarettes to submit products they wish to sell after the 20thNovember 2016 to the MHRA / HSE. 
  • Producers cannot manufacture non-compliant stock after the 19th November.
  • Producers can continue to sell any remaining non-compliant products made prior to the 20thNovember until 20th May 2017 provided they have made a notification of such products to the MHRA / HSE. 
  • Retailers can continue to sell the products they already have in stock until the 19th May 2017 so they have 6 months to sell through their non-compliant products.
  • It is now illegal to sell non-compliant products, only compliant products that have been submitted to the MHRA / HSE must be sold.
Most retailers will still be manufacturing and selling non-compliant products. So consumers are likely to be unaffected by TPD regulations at this point. However, various small manufacturers are likely to slow down production of e-cigarettes reducing their supply to retailers as they understand that TPD compliance is not feasible. Within this 6 month period a lot of manufacturers will close, which will impact the range of products that retailers can sell. Manufacturers will start making new TPD compliant products and some compliant products may be introduced to the market.  There will be a reduction in the range of stock available to customers. A range of TPD compliant products will be entering the market.



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