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Looking to buy Nicofresh E-liquid? As an official stockist of this popular, beginner-friendly e-liquid you can be sure that you'll always find your flavour for an unbeatable price. We offer 20% off on all multipacks of Nicofresh.

Why Nicofresh?

Nicofresh e-liquid is a fantastic liquid to kick off your vaping journey. Designed perfectly for use in starter kits and low wattage devices, you won't need to worry about compatibility with your device. Nicofresh e-liquid has a wide range of tobacco and mint flavours, meaning you can find the exact flavour you want, along with fruit flavours, soft drink flavours and more.

Nicofresh e-liquid is available in high-strength 18mg liquid all the way down to zero-if you are looking to progressively step down your nicotine in-take, Nicofresh is a great way of doing this.

We recommend 6mg Nicofresh for light smokers (1-5 cigarettes a day), 12mg Nicofresh for medium smokers (5-20 cigarettes a day) and 18mg Nicofresh for smokers of 20+ cigarettes a day.