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Paddy Puff Blog

An important reminder of the importance of electronic cigarettes to former smokers was given to us this week in USA, courtesy of Sally Satel, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a psychiatrist specializing in addiction.   She states "E-cigarettes, however, could be what we need to knock the U.S. smoking rate from a stubborn 18 percent to the government’s goal of 12 percent by 2020."   The article goes on to remind readers that the main ingredients...
At Paddy Puff, we welcome the latest vaping news, validated by scientific research, confirming to all Vapers that it is a healthy alternative to smoking. Last week, the EU Parliament reversed course on the new licensing regulations bill for e-cigarettes. The bill failed to gather majority support due to e-cigarettes having "no evidence of harm". One MP even stated, "“E-cigs can be a game-changer in the fight against smoking. Forcing e-cigs off the shelves would have been totally crazy.” Read...