More evidence has emerged that smokers are embracing the world of Vaping and ditching the cigarettes for this great eGo Cigarettes Paddy Puff Electronic Cigarettesalternative. As stated by this press release by eGo Electronic CIgarettes, the eGo Starter kits "solve every problem modern smokers have".


We offer brand new eGo Starter KIts for £19.99 for single kits and £34.99 for the money saving Double Kit.


Check out the latest market report by SBwire, in Septmeber 2013:


Smoking was once considered one of the hallmarks of cool, as period shows like Mad Men and The Hour so frequently remind us. Now, however, there has been a sea-change, as health campaigns and taxation has gone a long way toward eradicating smoking. The public smoking ban put a lot of nails in the smoking coffin, but nicotine is a powerful addiction, and humans are an ingenious species. Now, electronic cigarettes like those created by Ego Cigarettes are seeing a huge upswing in buyers, as the advantages become more and more self-evident.


Happy Vaping From Paddy Puff Electronic Cigarettes!
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