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Recently, The Guardian published an article wondering if vaping was the best word to describe e-cigarettes.

It humourously states:

Is this what we're supposed to call the act of smoking an electronic cigarette? Vaping? Are e-smokers vapists? Because vaping sounds worryingly like a form of sexual assault, or a bewilderingly ill-advised 1980s dance craze. Smokers must be furious. E-cigarettes were their big chance to become socially acceptable again, but whoever came up with "vaping" has ruined it. What's worse: going outside to smoke, or sitting indoors to vap off?


It goes on to say that the word vaping should appease the anti-smoking campaigners in Europe that have sought to connect electronic cigarettes with hot smoking. The article states that some airports such as London Heathrow are opening new Vaping areas in their airport.

What are your opinions? Do you use the word vaping when using electronic cigarettes? Or do you go by a diiferent term?Let us know in the comments section.

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