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Paddy Puff delighted about latest EU regulations vote

Posted by Ash S on

At Paddy Puff, we welcome the latest vaping news, validated by scientific research, confirming to all Vapers that it is a healthy alternative to smoking.

Last week, the EU Parliament reversed course on the new licensing regulations bill for e-cigarettes. The bill failed to gather majority support due to e-cigarettes having "no evidence of harm". One MP even stated, "“E-cigs can be a game-changer in the fight against smoking. Forcing e-cigs off the shelves would have been totally crazy.”

Read more about this developments, written by Alison Little of the Daily Express:


Critics-fear-electronic-cigarettes-could-trick-young-people-into-smoking-GETTY-CALLS to clamp down on electronic cigarettes were rejected by Euro MPs yesterday as they agreed tighter rules on tobacco sales.

Backers of “e-cigarettes” argued that a new licensing system would reduce availability of a key weapon against smoking and would penalise firms with large costs.

The UK Government wanted tighter regulation of the tobacco-free products, which turn a solution containing nicotine into vapour which users “smoke” through a cylinder.

Critics fear they could “trick” young people into smoking. The Department of Health admitted it was disappointed the European Parliament had rejected stricter regulation and vowed to keep pressing for the devices to be treated like medicines.

The vote was the Parliament’s first on the draft EU Tobacco Directive which could become law next year and be implemented across Europe within two years.

There will now be more negotiations between the Parliament and EU member states to try to get agreement before next May’s European elections.

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